Business Scope

  • Independent r&d design

    Independent r&d design

  • Own plant production

    Own plant production

  • Brand chain operation

    Brand chain operation

  • Hotel management marketing

    Hotel management marketing

  • Global bulk sales

    Global bulk sales

  • After-sales service

    After-sales service

  • Lifetime maintenance

    Lifetime maintenance


According to the China chain association, 2013 national chain business enterprises of the sales amount has reached 2 trillion, to 2025, China's urbanization rate will reach 65%, and the development of high-speed rail, urban rail, airplane, etc, the hotel industry another summit will get rapid development. As property rents are soaring and the rapid increase of labor costs, traditional hotel, have full access to small profit era, and the capsule hotel market, will undoubtedly become the hotel industry under a true "blue ocean".
Market prospect
market price
Space capsule hotel, hostel ---------- 49 yuan -99 yuan / room night
Fast-type hotel chain ---------- 99 yuan -280 yuan / room night
Star Hotel ---------- 280 yuan -1200 yuan / room night
Hotel CYTS ---------- 58 yuan -280 yuan / room night

The guests

  • The student group
  • Entrepreneurship gens
  • Backpack gens
  • Job gens
  • Business people
  • Other customers
  • ...............
Customer structure

Project Analysis

  • 1

    Low investment

    Invest about 800,000 yuan to own the space capsule hotel of your own brand,
    The equivalent of a 100-room fast hotel,
    Invest 100 thousand yuan or so you can be your own boss, several times more than work.
  • 2

    Quick return

    6 months to 2 years to recover the cost.
  • 3

    Low risk

    Self-service, low cost,
    The rental cost is low, small space many beds.
  • 4

    Good prospects

    High entry rate, high customer source, high profit.

Process analysis

  • 01.

    City selection: first-line and second-tier cities.
  • 02.

    Location selection: a kind of commercial trade city and other crowded areas.
  • 03.

    Transportation choice: railway station, high-speed railway station, subway station, bus station, transportation hub.
  • 04.

    Property selection: commercial, comprehensive use, 300-1500 square,
    The floor is about 2.8 meters high.
  • 05.

    Licence application: application for the formal hotel licence process.
  • 06.

    Decoration selection: theme design, per capita density 5 to 7 square, water, electricity, broadband and other supporting.
  • 07.

    Low cost operation of semi-self-service mode, quick return on investment.
  • 08.

    Understand, love and focus on the space capsule hotel industry, and identify the business philosophy, management philosophy and corporate culture of Taiwan's space capsule, with certain financial strength and risk tolerance.

Bid process

Eight joining policy

  • Initial fee 800 yuan per bed

    Initial fee 800 yuan per bed

  • Management fee turnover of 2% -3%

    Management fee turnover of 2% -3%

  • Hotel management system 3800 yuan

    Hotel management system 3800 yuan

  • WeChat booking system 5800 yuan

    WeChat booking system 5800 yuan

  • Network marketing 10,000 yuan

    Network marketing 10,000 yuan

  • Graphic design planning 10,000 yuan

    Graphic design planning 10,000 yuan

  • Hotel Manager waiter training 15,000 yuan

    Hotel Manager waiter training 15,000 yuan

  • Equipment installation and maintenance training 15,000 yuan

    Equipment installation and maintenance training 15,000 yuan

Affiliate Support

  • 01

    Domestic and international chain of space hotel brand support
  • 02

    Hotel preparation guidance throughout the guide support, a: hotel photo bid, b: address, decoration, opening, c: full guidance to operate
  • 03

    The professional manual of the capsule supports franchising and management, and provides: hotel chain management manual, hotel chain staff manual, hotel chain hotel safety manual.
  • 04

    Has its own factory pre-sale support all the way, its own factory has its own mold development and production, product life-long maintenance, promised franchisees franchisees to provide a full range of pre-sale support.
Affiliate Support

Return on investment

Return on investment

Recruitment partners

National unified hotline: 020-31239193 4000078928

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